Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python

Learn how to use Google's Deep Learning Framework - TensorFlow with Python! Solve problems with cutting edge techniques!
Category : Data Science
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What you'll learn

Understand how Neural Networks Work, Build your own Neural Network from Scratch with Python, Use TensorFlow for Classification and Regression Tasks, Use TensorFlow for Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks, Use TensorFlow for Time Series Analysis with Recurrent Neural Networks, Use TensorFlow for solving Unsupervised Learning Problems with AutoEncoders, Learn how to conduct Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym, Create Generative Adversarial Networks with TensorFlow



This course will guide you through how to use Google's TensorFlow framework to create artificial neural networks for deep learning! This course aims to give you an easy to understand guide to the complexities of Google's TensorFlow framework in a way that is easy to understand. Other courses and tutorials have tended to stay away from pure tensorflow and instead use abstractions that give the user less control. Here we present a course that finally serves as a complete guide to using the TensorFlow framework as intended, while showing you the latest techniques available in deep learning!

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