Coding Tests

Coding Tests

Hire programmers based on skills and capabilities not just resume

Code Review

Validate your candidates’ coding skills with hands-on coding challenges. With experienced SME(Subject Matter Experts) and Artificial intelliSENSE we do rigorous code reviews to save time and reduce your hiring costs.

Case Study: Competency & Talent Funnel Management

"As a Multi-National Company with global presence our goal was to find one platform that we can recruit based on fine grained technical assessments integrated into existing ATS. "

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Case Study: High Volume Technical Recruitment

"As a leading banking institution with operations in 30 countries, we leveraged Video interviews and EAP(Enterprise Assessment Platform) to succeed in scalable recruitment processes globally."

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Case Study: Skill Mapping Of Government Body

"We find HiringMirror assessments to be accurate in identifying skill gaps and creating highly targeted recruitment drive with efficiency of nearly 100% in procuring right talent."

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