JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)

Modern JavaScript from the beginning - all the way up to JS expert level! THE must-have JavaScript resource in 2022
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What you'll learn

JavaScript from scratch - beginner to advanced, All core features and concepts you need to know in modern JavaScript development
Everything you need to become a JavaScript expert and apply for JavaScript jobs, Project-driven learning with plenty of examples
All about variables, functions, objects and arrays, Object-oriented programming, Deep dives into prototypes, JavaScript engines & how it works behind the scenes, Manipulating web pages (= the DOM) with JavaScript



JavaScript is THE most important programming language you need to learn as a web developer - and with this course, you make sure that you will not miss a single thing you have to know as a JavaScript developer!

This is the most comprehensive and modern course you can find on JavaScript - it's based on all my JavaScript knowledge AND teaching experience. It's both a complete guide, starting with the core basics of the language, as well as an extensive reference of the JavaScript language and environment, ensuring that both newcomers as well as experienced JavaScript developers get a lot out of this course!

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