Video Interview AtoZ

This course helps in preparing you for any video interview in the most professional manner and also helps you in preparing yourself for the interview including your dress code, communication style, body language and technical assesment.
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What you'll learn

• Career Development
• Why People Fail in Interviews
• CV Preparation
• Best practices for Video Interviews
• Telephonic Interview
• Dress Code & Body Language
• Group Discussion
• Frequently Asked Questions in Interview
• Sample CVs & Mock Interviews
• Convert interviews to offers
• Effective interview days
• Interview etiquette
• Handle your interviewer
• Common questions
• Behavioural questions
• Personalized recording
• Compensation negotiation
• Conclusion techniques
• Attention at each stage
• Learn from rejections
• Bypass all applicants



Basic English

IT/Computer Science background


Course content

Jackpot - How to sale yourself - A long answer that sellsPreview00:10
Object Oriented Dev 100:10
What is communication?00:10
How to improve your communication ?00:10
When to Overtalk vs Undertalk00:10
Cracking a Coding Interview02:00
Cracking a Coding Interview 200:25
Avoid negative thinking00:10
Unrealistic Wishful vs positive thinking00:40
Why You? Why not 100 others in que?00:10
EQ: Employment Quotient00:10
Requirements consciousness00:20
Body language - Greet Smile, Stable, watch your hands00:10
You look like a thief/Cheat and you say your strength is honesty00:10
Practice HiringMirror video recordings00:30
How to use fillers00:10
When and when not to use them00:15
Top Fillers00:10
Experience Summary00:15
Project explanation00:10
A picture is better than 1000 words : Project diagram handout, with technologies used.00:30
Practice assesments00:10
Analytical, Aptitude & Psychometric Prep00:30
How you approach matters00:10
Right way of thinking in code00:30
Practice coding interviews00:20
Basic coding excercises00:30
Code review by Industry experts00:50
Are you dressed professionally?00:10
Body language00:15
Dont ask DUMB questions only00:30
Because you are excited....00:30
Deviate as little as possible from scripts00:05
The right questions00:10
5 Mockup interviews with feedback00:10
Work Culture00:20


This course includes
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion